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Reduce your footprint, your energy use & your heating bills. Install a high-efficiency condensing boiler. Whether its a question about your current heating system or a NEW boiler don’t hesitate to ask.

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Installation, Repair, and Replacement of Boilers: A Comprehensive Guide by Life Mechanical

Life Mechanical specializes in designing, retrofitting, and installing high-efficiency condensing boilers. Upgrading your boiler system not only saves money but also contributes to sustainability in plumbing and heating.

Reduced Heating Bills

New boilers are more efficient, leading to lower energy costs.

Fewer Repairs

 Modern boilers are reliable and come with long guarantees.

Quiet Operation

New designs ensure minimal noise disruption.


Modern boilers are compact, freeing up home space.

Enhanced Comfort

 Improved heating controls for precise temperature management.



Modern boilers are designed to reduce your carbon footprint.

Repair and Maintenance

Life Mechanical provides annual service for boiler maintenance, ensuring they operate efficiently and safely. If your boiler exhibits issues like reduced heating efficiency, frequent breakdowns, or strange noises, our licensed professionals are ready to diagnose and repair the problem.

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Why Choose Life Mechanical?

Expert Service

Skilled professionals providing prompt and courteous service.


 Fully insured and bonded with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Respectful Team

Committed to serving the community with high-quality work.


 The replacement unit will be professionally installed, following the same meticulous process as the initial installation.

Boiler Replacement

When it comes to replacing an outdated or inefficient boiler, Life Mechanical can guide you through selecting and installing a new model that reduces your heating bills, operates quietly, and improves home comfort. We focus on models that are space-saving, environmentally friendly, and offer advanced heating controls.


Regular Questions

Whether you need new equipment, service on old , or clea and repair, we team you can trust.

Boiler Installation Process

  •  Ensure your home's natural gas system can support a new boiler.
  •  Turn off the gas supply using a pipe wrench at the meter.
  •  Extend a new gas line to the boiler's location.
  •  Use pipe joint compound on connections and secure them with pipe wrenches.
  • Conduct a pressure test to ensure there are no leaks in the new line.
  • Install a quick-connect hose fitting for easy connection to the boiler.
  • Perform a thorough safety check post-installation.

Appointments & Contact

Life Mechanical is dedicated to improving your home’s heating system with efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly boilers. Contact us to schedule an installation, repair, or replacement and enjoy the benefits of a modern heating solution.