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Power Auger

Drain Cleaning

We can help get you unplugged and back to your daily routine!

The details


Benefits at a glance

Drain cleaning can be completed with either a manual auger or a power auger depending on the type of pipe and expected blockage. A qualified plumber will know what equipment to use and what type of cutting or coring attachments are best for the situation.

  • Chemical free drain cleaning
  • Clear roots from pipes
  • Repair your old Sewer
  • Install your NEW Sewer
  • Ensure your plumbing is working

Why life mechanical?

Our Work

Our love for this city and it’s mechanical systems are real! We believe in things like solar hot water, high-efficiency tankless water heaters and other water saving technologies that have come to define a movement towards sustainability in plumbing & heating.

We do great quality work for each client, and it is our company goal to always be improving that quality! We are incredibly easy to work with; and have an immediate response for customers, potential customers and businesses.

Prompt & Courteous Service

Provided by licensed professionals

Insured & Bonded

With competitive prices

Clean & Effecient

With top-of-mind customer satisfaction

Respectful Team

Proud to serve Vancouver Island

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Please call our office to schedule an appointment, or fill in the contact form and we will be in touch within 24 hrs. Your questions & comments are very important to us!

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