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Foundation Rainwater Systems

Perimeter Drains

Ensure your basement is sealed tight and your perimeter and area drains aren’t clogged. Install california drains and catch basins.

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If you are NEW to Victoria and coming from say Alberta or Ontario you probably aren’t accustomed to the sheer amount of rainfall here. As a company we see houses with water damage due to improperly working perimeter and rainwater systems. Ensure your perimeter drains are intact and clear of roots and confirm that these systems have been updated since the 1980s if you have clay weeping laterals.

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Our love for this city and it’s mechanical systems are real! We believe in things like solar hot water, high-efficiency tankless water heaters and other water saving technologies that have come to define a movement towards sustainability in plumbing & heating.

We do great quality work for each client, and it is our company goal to always be improving that quality! We are incredibly easy to work with; and have an immediate response for customers, potential customers and businesses.

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Please call our office to schedule an appointment, or fill in the contact form and we will be in touch within 24 hrs. Your questions & comments are very important to us!

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